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05 Mei 2020
United States
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Kami menjual FTIR untuk Education maupun Industri

Spektrum Two Educational System Includes Spectrum Two Instrument, Spectrum 10 and FT-IR Educational Resource Pack Spectrum Two Instrument For teachers and students of spectroscopy in academia, Spectrum Two helps develop an understanding of FT-IR sampling techniques and spectral analysis. The Educational Resource Pack facilitates the teaching of traditional synthetic chemistry analysis as well as more modern applications

The Spectrum Two spectrometer, based on a new DynaScan interferometer with KBr optics delivers a scan range of 8,300-350cm-1 whilst offering 0.5cm-1 resolution and 9,300:1 peak-peak signal to noise for 5 second scan in a sleek, compact design Instrument dimension 450mm x 300mm x 210mm, Mass 13 Kg. Supplied with mains cable, Ethernet and USB cables, electronic user's and maintenance guide on CD, Certificate of conformity and fuses. Includes one year warranty and costumer installation guide (additional on-site installation and warranties optional) Suitable for 100-240V, 50/60 Hz operation. Features: - OpticsGuardTM Technology - Atmospheric Vapor CompensationTM (AVC)

Spectrum 10™ Software The Included Spectrum 10 software suite is fully validated and includes the following functionality: - Spectrum 10 software - Full Instrument setup and control functions - Basic and advanced data manipulation routines - Spectral arithmetic calculations with custom Equation Editor - COMPARE spectral comparison - PLS/PCR/Beer's Law prediction - Beer's Law Quant methode development - Spectrum 10 easy macro writer - Data tune-up - Spectral serching - Search Starter Libraries - Configurable reporting and data export - Built-in Tutorials and online Help - Laboratory scheduler - Scanalyze for real-time results while scanning





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