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Jangka Sorong Dial Mitutoyo 505-730
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Jual Jangka Sorong Dial Mitutoyo 505-730


Spesifikasi Jangka Sorong Dial Mitutoyo 505-730

Jangka Sorong Dial Caliper 

The Mitutoyo 505-730 Dial Caliper has a measuring range of 0-150mm with 2mm Per One Revolution. This NEW model features improved finish on sliding surfaces for longevity and easier-to-read font. High shock protection. Equipped with a lock screw for dial bezel and holding the sliding jaw position.

Range: 0 to 150mm

Resolution: 2mm/Rev

Graduation: 0.02mm

Type: Dial Caliper

Accuracy: +/- 0.03mm

  • New designed dial for smooth sliding and shock protection
  • Measures outside, inside, depth and steps
  • Lock screw for holding position
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case


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