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Jangka Sorong Digital 8" Mitutoyo 500-197-30
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Jual Jangka Sorong Digital 8" Mitutoyo 500-197-30


Spesifikasi Jangka Sorong Digital 8" Mitutoyo 500-197-30

Jangka Sorong Digital Caliper 8 Inch Mitutoyo 500-197-30

The Mitutoyo 500-197-30 AOS Absolute Digimatic Caliper has a measuring range of 0-8" with .0005" resolution. Mitutoyo's absolute Digimatic Caliper is the next generation of electronic calipers. It keeps track of its origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD displays the actual slider position ready to start measurement. No more repeated zero setting is necessary with the absolute encoder technology, as well as no more concern for over speed errors.

Range: 0 to 8"

Graduation: .0005"

Type: Digimatic Absolute AOS

SPC Output: No

Accuracy: +/- .0010"

  • Electromagnetic inductive sensor improves the environmental resistance, reducing false readings caused by dirt, oil and water.
  • The battery life has been increased to 3.5 years under normal operation.
  • ABS sensor eliminates the necessity of setting the reference when powering on.
  • Follows current ABS-CD design with electronic module improvements.

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