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Mesin Kristalisasi Crystallisation Unit
Mesin Kristalisasi Crystallisation Unit
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Jual Mesin Kristalisasi Crystallisation Unit

Spesifikasi Mesin Kristalisasi Crystallisation Unit

Mesin Kristalisasi

Crystallization is a method generally used for purifying substances, so that the constituents of a solution can be separated. A solution must reach a supersaturated condition in order to crystallize its solute. To saturate a solution, a product, called solute, is dissolved in it to such a degree that the solution is unable to dissolve more solute.

There are several methods used to obtain a supersaturated solution:
By evaporation.
By cooling.
By adding aggregates.

The Crystallization Unit (QUCB), developed by EDIBON, is a cooling crystallization unit. Therefore, it is suitable to perform crystallization
experiments with those constituents whose solubility changes according to the temperature. One of the main advantages of the cooling method is its low energy costs. A crystallizer is a reactor where a crystallization process takes place. A crystallizer can be batch or continuous operated.

The QUCB is an unit for the study of the cooling crystallization process. EDIBON has developed this unit to study the crystallization reaction of
those constituents whose solubility changes with the temperature. This unit is devised to perform batch crystallization, that is to say, the crystallizer is filled once with the solute and solvent until the supersaturated solution is obtained and crystals are obtained from that solution. It is a batch (or discontinuous) process because the crystallizer must be filled again to carry out a new experiment.

QUCB unit includes a crystallizer, which is basically a jacketed chemical reactor. There is a bath outside the crystallizer, through which the reaction temperature is controlled. The solution is stirred by a stirrer located at the upper side of the crystallizer. Besides, there is a temperature sensor at the upper side of the crystallizer to know the temperature of the solution inside at any moment.

The unit also includes a conductivity sensor to know the conductivity of the solution when it is required. To obtain the supersaturated solution, it must be heated so that it is able to dissolve a higher concentration of solute at high temperatures. There is a thermostatic bath to supply water to the crystallizer's jacket. Its control is done by means of a potentiometer.

Once a supersaturated solution at a high temperature is obtained, the crystallization stage starts. For that purpose introduce cold or room temperature water. The unit includes a pressure regulation valve kept to the minimum pressure. A sample of the collected product is analyzed with the filters set provided with the unit. The size of generated crystals can be obtained thus. It has an optional accessory: Continuous Feed Unit (QUCB/C) to turn this unit into a continuous crystallization unit.


  • Bench-top unit,mounted on 4 legs, with gum protections, height adjustable to equilibrate the unit.
  • Anodized aluminium structure and panels in painted steel.
  • Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.
  • Crystallizer composed of jacketed reactor made in glass (1 litre of capacity), which includes temperature sensors and stirrer. Batch operation.
  • Double blade stirrer.
  • The crystallization reactor is thermally controlled by means of heated water circulating in the reactor jacket.
  • Thermostatic bath of 600W, with feed water impulsion pump.
  • Water flowmeter, rotameter type, rage:0-2 l./min.
  • 4 Two way valves to allow the water circulation, according to the process.
  • 3 Temperature sensors, “J“ type, located at key points of the system.
  • Pressure regulation valve to protect the system (0.5 - 6 bar )
  • Conductivity meter to measure the solution conductivity:
    Conductivity sensor, range: to 2000 mS.
  • Set of sieves, composed of:
    3 Sieves of different light size: 0.5mm/1mm/2mm
    2 Litres vessel to collect the crystals.
  • Protection devices for the electric circuits.
  • Electronic console:
    Metallic box.
    Temperature sensors connections.
    Selector for temperature sensors.
    Digital display for surpervising the temperature and the conductivity.
    Pump switch.
    Stirred switch.
    Thermostatic bath controller.
    Magnetothermal protection switch.
    Protection fuses.
  • Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.
  • Manuals:This unit is supplied with following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance &
    Practices Manuals.
  • Optional accessory (NOT included in the supply): (see section “optional accessory” in page 3)
    - QUCB/C. Continuous Feed Unit.

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