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Microbiological Mikroskop Binokuler Y100
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Mikroskop Binokuler

Mikroskop untuk Mikrobiologi

Features ingenious stand, backward or optional forward nosepiece and flexible setup. It can be suitably used in biological, pathological, bacterial, histological, immune & genetic fields.


- High transmission optical system
- All lenses are fully anti-fungus coated
- Maintenance and compensation free binocular head, inclined at 45° (optional 30°), interpupillary distance 55 - 75mm
- High-eyepoint and wide field eyepiece EW10X/20mm
- CF high contrast objective 4X, 10X, 40X (Spring) & 100X (Spring) (Oil)
- Backward quadruple nosepiece
- Double layer mechanical stage with 140mm(X) X 140mm(Y), 75mm(X) X 50mm(Y) movement
- 23mm coaxial coarse adjustment and 0.002mm fine division focus adjustment system
- NA 1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter, rack and pinion adjustment
- Halogen lamp 6V/30W with brightness adjustment
* LED Illumination with colour of warm white 3100 - 3900k. Long life of minimum 10,000 hours
* Plan achromatic objective
* UIS universal infinity corrected system
* Infinite plan achromatic objective system
* Quintuple nosepiece
* Kohler illumination
* Trinocular head (Y103)

*) Optional

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