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Gas Chromatography GC
Gas Chromatography GC
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Jual Gas Chromatography GC

Spesifikasi Gas Chromatography GC

Kami Menjual alat GC dari Buck Scientific  dengan harga Ekonomis.


• Optional dual column ovens for multi-dimensional chromatography

• Programmed oven temperatures from 50ºC/min up to 300ºC and 20ºC/min from 300ºC to 450ºC

• PeakSimple Software for Windows with built-in 4 channel serial data system

• Fast cool oven from 400ºC to 50ºC in less than 5 minutes for increased sample throughput

• Built-in valve systems for the flexibility and precision to handle various applications

• Electronic pressure controls (EPC) maintains flat baselines over full temperature range, with highly stable retention times

• Performs research quality analyses under rigorous lab or field conditions

• Over 12 different detector options to choose from for optimal measurement results


Oven Size: 7 1/2” x 8” x 3”

Temperature: Ambient to 450ºC

Accuracy: ± 0.1ºC, to 400ºC

Temperature Column oven temperature is

Programming: controlled by PeakSimple.

Unlimited ramps & steps.

Temperature/Pressure: Multifunctional LCD display

indicates set and actual

temperature for heated zones,

detector voltages and currents.

Temperature displays to 0.1º,

pressure to 0.1 psi.

Carrier Gas Flow High precision pressure regulator

Control: w/ thermostatted flow controller,

calibrated in PSI, regulating gas flow

through the column.

Weight: 40 to 70 lbs. (18-32 kilos)

depending on optional equipment.

Dimensions: 18”W x 14”D x 13”H

45.7 x 35.5 x 33.0 cm

Power requirements: 110 VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz

Consumption approx. 750 Watts

May be operated with 12VDC for

isothermal operation.

Cocok untuk QC dan pendidikan

Gas Chromatography 

Alat ukur dan instrument

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